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In case you didn't look at the cover, the title of this book is The Ultimate Diet 2.0. Before I go any further, I want to explain the reasoning behind the name. The first reason, mind you, is that I suck at coming up with creative names (the titles of my last two books prove that). At least I'm honest. But even if I were creative, I still would have chosen to call it The Ultimate Diet 2.0, so that's actually not the main reason this time.

If there's a primary reason I chose the title I did, it's out of tribute. As above, this book is basically an update and revision to the dietary approach that helped me gain whatever amount of respect and importance I hold in the bodybuilding or sports nutrition world. From the Ultimate Diet came Bodyopus. From Bodyopus came my first book. From my first book came my career.

Now, since I got involved with this whole mess at the Bodyopus stage of things, you may be wondering why I didn't call this Bodyopus 2.0 instead. There are a few reasons. First, it just seemed a bit inappropriate. Bodyopus was Dan's brainchild and the name held a very specific meaning to him. The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is a little more generic of a title and just seems a little less pretentious in that respect. Or not.

Also, Dan passed away three years ago (2000), and it just seemed disrespectful to confuse people with two books called Bodyopus. Even though it's a few years out of date and had a minor number of technical mistakes, I still think everyone should own a copy of Bodyopus. Having two books with that title would have confused the average person. Finally, I didn't know who legally owned the rights to the Bodyopus name and didn't want to get my ass sued.

Perhaps more importantly, this book doesn't really revise the seven day Bodyopus plan, with its two types of weight training (tension and depletion) and two distinct dietary periods (low-and high-carb). My first book was closer to that, more of a detail/technical manual for keto/cyclical keto diets. If anything, that first book should have been called The Bodyopus Companion or something equally silly.

Rather, what I'm going to describe here comes directly out of the original Ultimate Diet plan from 1982, which had three types of weight training, three types of eating, and a lot more complexity (and potential sources of confusion). On various levels, including the most fundamental ones, the original Ultimate Diet was the impetus for this book; as a tribute/revision to that diet, I think the names should be the same.

The title of this book, The Ultimate Diet 2.0, has several meanings. The first is simply one of tribute to Duchaine and Zumpano's original Ultimate Diet, released all the way back in 1982. It's fascinating reading now and they were ahead of their time by many years. This book is also an update to that same diet integrating findings about metabolism, fat loss and muscle gain to optimize it. Anyone involved with computers knows that new versions of stuff get a new number. Hence 2.0. Finally (hopefully), it will be the last diet you need. Hence the word "ultimate."

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