Your specific poundage goals

4.102 If you are a beginner, or barely into the intermediate stage of training, you may want to use the poundages given earlier in this chapter as your long-term goals. But unless you have a natural gift for strength and development that is well above average, those targets are going to appear a very long way off. It may be better to set your sights on only a proportion of the full "very good" figures (say 75%), get there, and then work on the next 5-10% for each exercise, etc. Do this until you get to the "very good" targets, and then target the "terrific" ones, but work on getting there by focusing on 5% gains at a time.

4.103 If you are not a relative beginner, then go straight into goal setting based on the figures I have already given, but target the "very good" category first.

Goal Planning Strategies That Truly Work

Goal Planning Strategies That Truly Work

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