Your aches and pains

18.98 If you are no longer in your teens or twenties it is almost certain you are carrying some aches and pains that you have learned to live with. You will have modified your training, cut out some exercises, eliminated some of the active things you did in your youth, and accepted it all as part of getting older.

18.99 Depending on the extent and type of damage you have, I believe you can partly if not wholly return to a relatively injury-free state. Investigate trigger point therapy yourself and apply it very seriously.

18.100 In her book, page 21, Prudden notes that only about 5% of people show no benefit from "myotherapy" (her name for the trigger point therapy she teaches). ^ese are comforting and inspiring words for everyone, not just people who exercise.

For the other 95 percent, we have found that we can alleviate all of the pain in most, most of the pain in others and at least control the pain in the rest; that is if they will continue with their exercises at home for the rest of their lives.

18.101 Before I got injured in 1992 I had little or no interest in injuries and how to deal with them. I had never needed to have an interest because it seemed academic, not practical. ^is is how it is with most people. Until you start to suffer you do not learn much about how you could have prevented the suffering in the first place. Had I been interested before, and had I fully grasped the importance of good exercise form, I could have prevented the injuries from occurring. And should any injuries have occurred, I could have gotten over them without having to get detrained if I had known of trigger point therapy.

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