Workout schedule

17.28 During this deadlift-dominated cycle the other exercises were secondary and I would not have hesitated to drop anything that got in the way of focus on the deadlift. I would have dropped to one-exercise-per-week schedule

(deadlift only) if it became necessary in order to keep the deadlift progressing.

17.29 My basic schedule was this:

Tuesday a. Squat b. Bench press c. Bent-over row d. Calf work

Thursday a. Deadlift b. Military press c. Calf work

17.30 Abdominal work opened most workouts, to warm me up. In the bench press, row and press I used a 5 x 5 set-rep format—a light and a medium warmup set followed by 3 work sets with the same poundage. I rested several minutes between sets to ensure that, with few exceptions, I made all the sets of 5 reps. So long as I made all 3 work sets of 5 reps for a given exercise I would increase the poundage a little at the next workout for that exercise. Calf work was a couple of hard sets in the standing calf raise, for about 20 reps per set. ^e squat was usually done for 20 reps a set though at above 250 x 20 it was denting my recovery ability for elsewhere. Had I not had to drop the squat due to knee problems I would have needed to have kept it under 250 x 20 so as not to mar progress in the deadlift.

17.31 My choice of training days was not ideal. At that time, I was employed as a school teacher three days a week—on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesdays and ^ursdays around midday were the best times to train in order to minimize potential disruptions and maximize concentration.

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