What if you are an extreme hard gainer

16.137 First ensure that your recovery machinery is in good order:

a. Go to sleep early enough each night so that you wake naturally each morning. If you have sleeping problems, get them fixed—seek professional help, perhaps a sleep clinic.

b. Adhere to a nutrient-dense dietary program that provides more calories than you need to maintain your bodyweight, at least one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass, and six similar-sized easily digested feeds/meals each day. Poor digestion and assimilation will kill your progress.

c. Make weight training your only physically demanding activity. Perform no aerobic work. Conserve your energy.

16.138 Adopt a bare bones approach to program design. Follow a twice-a-week super-abbreviated program (Monday-Friday) built around the squat or Trap Bar deadlift, alternating two different routines with little or no overlap. See Framework 5 in Chapter 12. Do not add a single extra exercise. Do warmups plus 2-3 work sets per exercise except the squat, where warmups plus 1 x 20 may work best. Apply all that this book teaches on effort and progression.

16.139 If after four weeks you are unable to add weight to the work sets of each exercise every workout you train it, try being more radical. Reduce your training frequency so that you alternate the two routines on a Monday, Friday, Wednesday, Monday, Friday basis, i.e., increase the rest days between workouts, and provide more recovery time.

16.140 If you do not start growing now, and assuming you really are fully satisfying the recovery components, and are training very hard, add an additional rest day between workouts. Continue to increase recovery time until you start gaining.

16.141 Once you find the training frequency that works for you, stick with it for as long as possible, and milk it dry.

16.142 Commence a new cycle. Use the same format that worked well last time, but use two or three different core exercises. Add two different accessory exercises to each routine, one warmup and one work set for each. If they do not diminish your gains, keep them in. If your gains suffer, drop the accessory exercises.^

7t does not matter how much your training may seem out of step with what others do. What matters to you is what works for you. Have the courage to swim against the training tide. Always keep in mind that popular training methods simply do not deliver the goods for most people. So why would you want to use popular training methods? Life is too short to waste any of it on useless training methods.

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