Two important additions for frameworks 14 a Rib cage work

12.26 Add the "breathing" pullover or the Rader chest pull to each workout. (See THE INSIDER'S TELL-ALL HANDBOOK ON WEIGHT-TRAINING TECHNIQUE for how to perform these valuable but too rarely performed exercises.) Perform a couple of sets with the focus on maximum chest expansion. Neither exercise is systemically demanding, so the inclusion of one of them should not mar your recovery ability.

12.27 Some trainers are vigorously opposed to the possibility of increasing chest size through rib cage enlargement, and claim that chest girth can only be increased by muscle growth. But the fact is that many people have increased their rib cages. I am one of them.

12.28 While even middle-aged trainees have modestly increased the size of their rib cages through the breathing pullover and the Rader chest pull, some young trainees have greatly increased the girth of their rib cages. Rib cage enlargement will produce a deeper and broader chest, wider back and shoulders, and, as a bonus, perhaps help improve posture.

12.29 ^e breathing pullover and the Rader chest pull are usually performed immediately after an exercise that gets you heavily winded, e.g., high-rep squats, deadlifts or leg presses. But you can do the rib cage work whenever you want to, and without having done any exercise before it. You may even find that if you are heavily winded you will not be able to do either of the rib cage expansion exercises properly. You may even do a set or few of rib cage work every day for a few months if you want to specialize on enlarging your rib cage.

12.30 Go easy at the beginning, especially if you are not performing the rib cage stretching when winded from a heavy exercise. ^e forced and exaggerated breathing may make you feel dizzy unless you work into it over a period of a few weeks. Your chest may get very sore, too, if you do not work into the rib cage stretching exercise gradually.

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