Two areas for action

14.29 ^ere are two areas for action when responding to warning signs of overtraining—in the gym, and out of the gym. Cut back in the gym—do less work each session and/or train less often. If you are being run ragged by your life in general out of the gym, then do something about that area.

14.30 Cutting back in the gym and mere fiddling with out-of-the-gym factors are not enough. You need major overhauling to ensure that you consistently rest and sleep enough, attend to meeting nutritional needs, and work to solve whatever sources of distraction and anxiety are ruining your training.

14.31 Never mind that easy gainers can, apparently, at least over the short term, break many of the rules of proper rest and nutrition, and yet still make progress in muscle and might. Hard gainers have far less room for corner cutting than do easy gainers. And keep in mind that the most successful easy gainers usually do not cut corners when meeting their rest and nutritional needs.

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

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