Training partner

5.62 Getting your daily units right means getting each workout right. How can you help yourself to get each workout right? Get yourself hands-on supervision.

5.63 Armed with the will to get the job done, and the basic knowledge of what to do, most trainees should be able to get a good training partner or supervisor.

5.64 Fine physiques and super-strong bodies have been built without training partners or supervisors. Do not be discouraged if it is impossible for you to get hands-on help. But the assistance of a serious and like-minded training partner or supervisor is nearly always a tremendous advantage. But anyone with anything less than a 100% commitment is a negative influence, and should not be tolerated.

5.65 Few people can consistently train at their very best without hands-on supervision. And even most of those who do train alone successfully may gain even better if they had good supervision at least some of the time.

5.66 While recognizing the value of good supervision, it is pivotal that you can train well by yourself. If you can only train well when supervised, you are dependent on supervision and will never be able to train well over the long haul. Even if you have a reliable training partner there will be times when your schedules do not coincide and you have to train alone. Never become dependent on another person to get in a good workout.

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