Training intensity is not the bottom line

9.47 Training intensity is a means to an end, not the end in itself. But too many people have got wrapped up in intensity per se, to the detriment of the real bottom line. Training intensity is a fundamental and irreplaceable compo-nent of making progressive poundages a reality, but that is all.

9.48 It is too simple a solution to tell people that the reason why they are not gaining is because they are not training hard enough. While insufficient effort is certainly a big part of most underachievers' problems, there are plenty of people who make minimal or no gains despite training hard enough to stimulate good gains.

9.49 Before you go making a big deal of training intensity you must get other factors of training success in good order. It is an appalling situation that someone with 100% dedication to their training should get no gains from it. ^at was exactly what happened to me for a number of years. And plenty of people are guilty of this same mistake today. ^ey train too much, too often, have too few days between workouts, eat too little, rest too little, and sleep too little.

9.50 I can vividly recall, in the early eighties, taking sets to failure followed by having a training partner help me to squeeze out a few forced reps, followed by a few negative-only reps. I truly crucified my muscles. Not only did they not grow fast like the intensity-zealots said they would, they did not grow one iota over that long period of intensity fixation.

9.51 So long as you increase your exercise poundages slowly and steadily, using consistently good form, then whatever training intensity and volume you are delivering, is working (at least for strength training, and probably but not necessarily for muscle building too). Do not feel you have to train to the point of exhaustion to realize poundage progression. Remember, you want the minimum quantity, frequency and intensity of training that will produce progressive poundages and muscle growth for you.

9.52 While delivering high-intensity training is the hardest part of the formula for training success, there are a substantial number of people who are delivering it but while giving short shrift to one or more of the factors of recovery. What an irony it is that some people deliver on the most difficult to satisfy area, but fail to deliver in the areas that are, relatively speaking, easy to satisfy.

9.53 If you are not gaining in the gym, do not immediately conclude that you are not training hard enough. ^ough insufficient training intensity may be part of the problem, it is more likely that the major problems are elsewhere. But

I am writing here strictly for serious trainees who have the passion to train hard and who are almost incapable of loafing in the gym.

9.54 If you are training on an abbreviated program dominated by the big movements, with a good diet that provides a slight excess of calories, and a generous rest and sleep schedule, and you do not gain, then you may have a serious deficiency in training intensity (and/or some physical problem in digesting and assimilating food). 7en is the time to apply yourself to boosting your effort levels.

9.55 I am a big advocate of training hard, because I know it is a pivotal part of training success. But I also know that intensity alone will not cut it. All the support factors have to be in decent order. Bodybuilding and strength-training success come about from a total package, with all the involved factors being fully satisfied. You cannot compensate for a serious deficiency in one area with an excess in another.

Body Building Secrets Revealed

Body Building Secrets Revealed

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