The two sides of weight training

6.22 On the one side weight training is a marvelous activity in which you compare yourself only with bettering yourself. It is a potentially healthy and long-term activity, a joy to train, and so satisfying to see strength gains and physique improvement. On the other hand you have the egotistical, look-like-me, short-term, drug-infested, all-appearance-an-no-substance destructive side of weight training. It is theoretically possible to get into the former in any gym setting. But to be able to do it in a potentially destructive commercial setting demands that you are extremely well informed and disciplined.

6.23 If you are serious about training in the best possible way for you, and putting aside all distractions and mischief makers, you have three choices:

a. Find a good commercial gym. ^ough good commercial gyms exist, they are in short supply and probably cannot be found in your locality.

b. Train in a home gym or small multi-user facility.

c. Go to whatever gym is available and make the best of it.

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