The squat

10.45 ^e squat is potentially the most productive single exercise you can do providing you can perform it safely and progressively. ^e more efficiently you squat, the greater the potential benefits you can extract from it. How efficiently you squat is mostly a result of your relative torso and leg lengths, and relative femur and tibia lengths. While some people have much better mechanics for squatting than others, most people can squat well enough to obtain great benefits from the exercise, if they have mastered the technique of squatting. Whatever structural proportions you have inherited are all you are going to get. Never mind that some people can squat more efficiently than you, and obtain more benefits. What should matter most to you is learning how to fully exploit the squat in you own case.

10.46 ^e squat does not have a legendary reputation for nothing. So long as you are not prohibited from squatting by injury or serious structural limitations, you should squat hard and consistently. ^e sole addition of intensive squatting just once a week can turn an otherwise unproductive training program into a productive one. squat is that great an exercise.

10.47 ^e squat has acquired its reputation for two main reasons. First, the squat is simply a super productive exercise. Second, it is possible to squat in almost every gym. ^e exercise is a universal one and many people have discovered its great benefits first hand.

10.48 One of the most important training-related projects you can set for yourself is the mastering of squatting. With improved understanding of squatting form, everyone can squat more efficiently. Even if you think you do not squat well, after truly mastering squatting form you may be able to squat much more efficiently and productively than you think you can. Do not give up on the squat because of initial difficulties. In the insider's tell-all handbook on weight-training technique I devote sixteen pages to the squat, covering technique in extensive detail.

10.49 Mastering the squat, and then intensively and progressively squatting on a consistent basis is a linchpin of successful bodybuilding and strength training. Do not miss out on your chance to exploit this wonderful exercise. As tough as intensive squatting is, learn to love the exercise. It is because the exercise is so demanding that it is so productive. But be sure that you are experiencing the right type of discomfort. Pain and injury are not part of the package. Impeccable form is imperative.

10.50 Some people legitimately cannot squat well. ^is is usually due to injury limitations or structural restrictions. A tall person with, proportionately speaking, long legs and a short torso is always going to struggle in the squat, and perhaps to such a degree that he can never obtain any of the potential benefits from the exercise. For a minority of people the barbell squat is a high-risk exercise that should be avoided. Such people need to seek an alternative to the squat. Leg extensions will not cut it. A major multi-joint exercise is needed.

10.51 ^e Tru-Squat machine is an excellent substitute for the barbell squat, even for people who cannot squat safely and hard using a barbell. But Tru-Squat machines are few and far between. ^e Tru-Squat is a high-tech machine costing over $2,000, and can be found in only a very few gyms. If you have access to one, or if you can afford to buy your own, exploit it to the full.

10.52 While the leg press can never be the equal of the squat, if you cannot squat, the comparison is irrelevant. But the leg press must be supplemented with a variation of the deadlift, because the leg press does not involve the lower back in the substantial way the squat does.

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