The rewards

3.37 I would have been experiencing the most motivating feedback possible from my unrelenting efforts on the mighty fivesome—bigger muscles from month to month. I would never have forgotten that results are what count most of all.

3.38 Never would I have been allowed to waste time fiddling with my training according to fads. By denying me this freedom my mentor would have kept my attention where it needed to be, enabling me to make almost continuous gains. "And what's training all about?" he would ask me each week, but never actually let me answer. "Progressive poundages in good form, m'lad—getting bigger and stronger muscles."

3.39 Of course everything cannot be plain sailing, not even in the utopian training world just described. I would still have had out-of-the-gym constraints to cope with. But because these constraints would have been on the back of a sound training program, I would still have made steady progress towards the realization of my strength and size potential. But if I had had these constraints on top of the sort of training program that most people use, I would have made little or no progress towards the strength and physique I craved.

^e points in this chapter may seem dictatorial. But if all of this chapter was written in stone, and laid down as law in all gyms the world over, the instruction would work for so many people for so much of the time that it would probably be the most important contribution to Iron Game history.

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