The requirements

8.3 To make your fastest rate of gain you need to satisfy the following requirements:

a. To be quite a long way from reaching your full potential for muscle and might.

b. To have a body free of any serious physiological problem that would hamper growth, e.g., digestion and assimilation problems.

c. To focus exclusively on a handful of the biggest exercises—e.g., squat, deadlift, bench press or dip, pullup or a torso-supported row, and an overhead press. And it is a given that you know what excellent exercise form is, and that you practice it.

d. To have already done the preliminary work that builds up to the full-bore stage of the cycle.

e. To pour your absolute all into every workout during the quick-gain period, using a training frequency for each exercise that enables you to add weight to the bar every workout. If you cannot add at least 5 pounds each week to what are already your best-ever poundages for your top sets of squats and deadlifts, you are not building strength quickly enough to gain a lot of muscle quickly.

f. To have no back pedaling, back cycling or maintenance workouts.

g. To feed substantially every three hours every day on a high-quality diet composed of easily digested meals that are rich in protein and adequate in healthful fats. You are unlikely to be able to gain well on a very low-fat diet.

h. To get 9-i0 hours of sleep every single day.

i. To have a forceful training partner or supervisor push you to produce the most intensive, brutal, progressive, sleep- and food-rich period in your life.

j. To do nothing physically demanding outside of your weight training.

k. To be free of distractions, sickness, injuries and hitches.

l. To be so motivated that your training and everything related to it become the reason you live. Almost all other responsibilities and commitments need to be shelved for the quick-gain period. ^ere is absolutely no room during this period for corner cutting and compromises in anything related to your training and recovery.

m. To be willing to accept a pound or so of fat for every 2-3 pounds of muscle.

n. To be willing to live with the stretch marks that may accompany very rapid gains. (A diet in essential fatty acids will help keep your skin supple and resistant to stretch marks.)

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