The pivotal truth

Achieving your potential for muscle and might demands extraordinary discipline and dedication. ^ere is no place for half measures, corner cutting, laziness or lukewarm enthusiasm. If you do not train well, rest well, sleep well and eat well, you will get nowhere or make only minimal progress. And you need the full package on an unrelenting basis if you are to make the fastest progress possible. ^ere is no room for compromise!

You alone are responsible for your dedication and discipline. ^e buck stops with you. How much do you want a terrific physique? Are you prepared to do everything necessary other than use drugs? Are you prepared to give your absolute best shot? If you are, you are reading the right book.

/I Chinese proverb says that a journey of a thou-sand miles begins with one step. By choosing to study this book you have taken the first step—a huge step—towards the strong, well-developed, fit and lean physique you crave.

Apply what this book teaches and you will be off and running for a lifetime of very productive training. You will experience the exhilaration from anticipating great physical change, the thrill of accumulating strength gains, and the euphoria from achieving physical transformation.

^ Section i

Establishing a secure foundation

1. Setting the scene for building muscle and might ♦ 21

2. General philosophy for outstanding development ♦ 47

3. All-time #i practical priorities ♦ 63

4. Expectations—how much muscle and might you can expect ♦ 75

6. Where to train, and the equipment you need ♦ 117

reak away from training methods that do not work. Open your mind and find out from this book how to get in charge of your training. If you are new to training you will learn how to sustain your initial great enthusiasm and expectations. If you have been frustrated by poor results for a long time, you can return to those early and heady days when you were gung-ho about training and could not wait to get into the gym for a workout. But first you need to learn how to channel that vigor into productive training.

You have got to make the necessary changes now. You cannot keep chucking away chunks of your life on unproductive training routines. Life is in short supply and the years quickly slip by.

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

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