The Maurice and Rydin method

4.105 In the September 1992 issue of hardgainer (issue #20) Dave Maurice and Rich Rydin presented two formulae for converting poundages between different rep numbers. ^ey are presented here in much more convenient chart form.

4.106 To convert from one poundage and rep combination to another, using the Maurice-Rydin formulae, see the tables accompanying this segment. Here is the relevant explanation from Maurice and Rydin, in hardgainer issue #34:

To use one of the charts, look in the left column to find the rep number you have been performing (i.e., your current reps). Move across the row until you are under the rep number to which you wish to project your performance (i.e., your desired reps).

For example, if you have been bench pressing for 10 reps, and want to try 6 reps, you would multiply your best 10-rep poundage by 1.13 to estimate your best 6-rep poundage. Similarly, if you have been squatting for 6 reps and now wish to try 20 reps, you would multiply your best 6-rep poundage by 0.81 to estimate your best 20-rep poundage.

4.107 ^ese tables are not presented as valid for everyone. A minority of trainees, at least in some exercises, are terrible at high reps relative to their low-rep achievements. Conversely, some people are excellent at high reps but can-

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