The hard gainer tag

i.i8 A hard gainer is the genetically average or disadvantaged drug-free person, usually male, that typifies gym members. Hard gainers are usually naturally thin, though there are fat hard gainers. Hard gainers respond poorly, or not at all, to conventional training methods.

1.19 ^ose who play down the importance of genetics are almost always those who were dealt a better-than-average or even an excellent hand of genetics. Few people care to think that they got something relatively easily. ^ey prefer to give the impression that they really had to suffer for every pound they gained. As a result, few people in the weight-training world will admit that they got a head start from their inheritance. Anyone blessed with terrific inheritance and a very responsive body can never, ever get in the shoes of a true hard gainer. Sometimes the easy gainers' arrogance, conceit and gross misunderstanding of the plight of the true hard gainer is nauseating. But, ironically, it is often the easy gainers who preach training instruction to the gullible and impressionable hard-gaining masses. It is no wonder that the masses get nowhere—the blind are leading the blind.

1.20 Of course, as easy gainers close in on their drug-free potential for muscle and might they can find gains hard to make. But until they got to that point they found gains easy to make, almost regardless of what type of program they used. ^ey trained, and they grew. But the "hard gaining" they "suffer" from as they get near their maximum potential is totally different from the hard gaining that true hard gainers have to deal with. Real hard gainers find gains hard to make right from day one, unless they train as this book teaches.

1.21 Can a "hard gainer" tag create a mindset of negativity? Does it set up an "I cannot do much" attitude that may set a self-fulfilling prophecy in motion? If you bemoan your genetic inheritance, stack yourself up against the competitive elite, and adopt role models light years away from your own reality, then of course you are not going to have the right mindset for becoming the best you can. But if we go into this further we will see how liberating and positive the "hard gainer" tag really is.

1.22 Once you recognize you are a hard gainer you set the stage for adopting realistic role models, sensible and practical training methods, and a sane drug-free long-term strategy. ^en, while keeping training in its place, you will put into practice time-proven programs and start getting good results.

1.23 While realism is the hard gainer's watchword, you do not know how far you can go until you try—by investing in sensible instruction and dogged determination for many years. Even average genetics can go a long way. Train as this book advises, pay your dues for a period of years, and then you will go as far as your genetics will allow—and perhaps much farther than you may currently think is realistic.

1.24 During the pre-steroids era, when the-then conventional training advice was much more useful for typical people than today's standard gym guidance is, sky-high goals were not promoted to the masses. ^en, taking off in the sixties and accelerating thereafter, the widespread but usually secretive use of steroids greatly elevated training expectations. ^is led to increasingly unrealistic goals being promoted to the masses. (Bodybuilding drugs were around since before the sixties, but their influence did not really take off until during the sixties.)

1.25 Nowadays, consider yourself anything other than a hard gainer, and you are almost certainly not going to train according to your ability to respond to exercise. You will be swallowed up by popular routines and advice. You will be consumed by despair as you invest so much for so little return. You will be easy prey for being ripped off by charlatans, especially those who accuse hard gainers of being whiners and underachievers. ^ese charlatans are the same individuals whose models of people who "overcame" genetic shortcomings are usually pumped to the jowls with steroids, but who never mention the contributions that drugs made.

1.26 Unless you see through all the fraud you will become another training failure and possibly take the drug route because conventional training methods do not work for typical hard gainers. Today's well-intentioned or, in some cases, the unscrupulous "forget about genetics" and "you can do it too" mentality fuels training failure, supports the ripping off of the masses, and encourages drug abuse. As soon as anyone plays down genetics and drugs, you should hear alarm bells ringing.

1.27 Understanding that you are a hard gainer frees you from distorted aspirations, absurd training routines, and a life of obsessive ruin. It makes you cautious, skeptical and discriminating, thus sparing you from being misled by those who promise far more than they can ever deliver.

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