The bottom line

20.9 Never forget that the role of nutrition is purely to help you to maximize your recovery and rate of progress while sustaining good health. Always keep that in mind. ^en you have a simple reality check to apply when you experiment with adjustments to your diet. If you can steadily but consistently add weight to your exercises while maintaining consistently good form, your nutrition must be in good order for building muscle and might. ^is applies even if you do not consume as much protein or as many calories, micronutrients and supplements as some trainers and writers advocate. As a bonus your food bill will not cost much. But if you are not progressing well, and assuming that your training, rest and sleep are in good order, you are almost certainly being held back by nutritional shortcomings.

20.10 Nutritional guidelines can be very helpful, but only through personal practical experience will you find what delivers the goods for you. Find what works best for you, using what follows in this chapter as a guideline. Always evaluate dietary changes by their effect on your training progress, body composition and health. If a change does not help your progress, or improve your health, it has no practical value for you.

Diet Tweak System

Diet Tweak System

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