The barometer of success

12.63 Never get caught up, like so many people do, in the near religion of gym visits, as if gym attendance is the barometer of success. If your training poundages are moving up steadily, and your form is consistently good, then you are bang on course. To be able to gain like this you may not need to train any exercise more often than once every seven days. And there are some people who are better off training some of their exercises and body parts less often than once a week.

12.64 Most trainees would greatly improve their rate of gaining if they would halve their training volume per workout, double the rest days between workouts, get serious about delivering real effort in the greatly reduced training time, and pay more attention to ensuring that enough calories and nutrients are consumed daily.

12.65 To maximize your gains in muscular size and strength you must organize your training, nutrition, rest and sleep in order to ensure progressive training poundages. Everything you do must be built around providing the opti mum environment for the production of progressive training poundages while using consistently good exercise form. To ensure that the strength gain yields growth, you may, however, need to avoid very low reps, partial reps, low-rep rest-pause work, and overly infrequent training.

12.66 If at the end of a training cycle you are the same bodyweight as you were at the start of that cycle, and you are only capable of handling poundages that are the same or just marginally more than they were at the start, then you cannot expect to have bigger muscles.

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