Summary of how to ensure a successful training cycle

16.129 Choose one of the six frameworks of program design given in Chapter 12, or something similar of your own conception.

16.130 Select exercises that are suitable for you—Chapter 10.

16.131 Determine the set and rep scheme(s) you will be using (see the relevant parts of Chapter 7 and 13) and the intensity format (or formats, as some exercises may be trained more intensively than others) you will employ—see relevant parts of Chapters 7 and 9.

16.132 Determine a training frequency that is practical for you and which permits adequate recovery relative to the decisions you made in points 1 and 3 above. See especially Chapters 12-14. While finding this training frequency, through trial and error, you must be consistent with your volume and effort in the gym, and in delivering excellent rest, sleep and dietary habits out of the gym. All variables should be kept consistent other than training frequency. And when experimenting with weight-training frequency you need to consider the aerobic training in your program because that places a demand on your recovery abilities. Excessive aerobic training can kill your weight-training progress.

16.133 Adjust the individual components of the overall training program in the light of Chapter 13.

16.134 Put the program into practice and, if necessary, fine-tune it further in the light of the initial responses and reactions. Record your workouts and overall training cycle in a training journal.

16.135 Milk the training cycle dry—see Chapter 15—while looking out for signs of impending overtraining. If necessary, modify the program to avoid overtraining (see Chapter 14).

16.136 When the training cycle has ended, consult your journal, analyze the cycle, and compare its results with those from earlier cycles. ^en review all conclusions accumulated from your most recent training cycles. While considering that wealth of data, repeat the training cycle design process.

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