Some of the advantages of being well supervised

5.67 Effective training has to be intensive, and intensive training is very difficult to deliver on a consistent basis without a demanding taskmaster to urge you to deliver. Most trainees have experienced the occasional workout when, unexpectedly and only for the one workout, someone got involved during part or all of a training session. Someone might have spotted you on an exercise; or someone you wanted to impress was watching you; or someone might have worked in with you on a few exercises. As a result you found yourself doing more reps than you normally would, or doing the same reps with a bit more weight than you had planned. You really produced for that workout, while previously you had been loafing. Quality supervision can get this degree of effort out of you on a regular basis, and can speed up your progress dramatically.

5.68 Remember that successful training is not about effort per se. It is about how you apply the effort. A sloppy set of an exercise worked very hard is not going to do you as much good as will a good-form set of an exercise worked very hard. But the sloppy form may lead to injury. ^e sharp eye and words of a good supervisor will help to keep your form tight.

5.69 While a good training partner or supervisor pushes you all the way, alerts you to form imperfections that start to creep in (and which you must cut out), he is also there to spot you. ^is will give you the confidence and security to keep pushing when the reps get tough.

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