Small specific targets

5.10 Do not just agree that nailing yourself to specific targets is the way to go, nod your head, and read on. Stop, grab a sheet of paper and a pencil, and write down some specific training-related goals you want to achieve three months from today. Perhaps you want to drop 10 pounds of bodyfat; perhaps you want to add 10 pounds to your bench press poundage; perhaps you want to work three-times-weekly aerobic activity into your exercise program; perhaps you are finally going to apply yourself with a vengeance to a very abbreviated training program. Really put in some thought here. Finalize some challenging but realistic goals. Chew them over; and then carefully select the one or two that you are going to dedicate the next three months of your training life to.

5.11 Break the target(s) down into a series of weekly goals, and produce a three-month program. Get down in black and white what you need to do with your training, rest and sleep schedule, and nutrition. ^en knock off the weekly installments of success. Like a competitive athlete closing in on a big meet, deliver the goods every day, every week, every month.


Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

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