14.47 Sleeping well on a regular basis is of critical importance. You need to take concrete action to correct any sleeping inadequacies you may have. Otherwise your inability to sleep adequately will continue, your recovery will be compromised, and your rate of gain in muscle and might impaired.

14.48 ^e advice to get enough sleep is good, but not enough. Developing the discipline to go to sleep earlier is the only action most people need to take to ensure that sufficient sleep is had each night. But for some people other action is needed because there are legitimate sleeping difficulties.

14.49 If you do not sleep well, and/or if you know you need more sleep but your body will not currently cooperate to let you sleep well, you must investigate the problems and find solutions. Your sleeping difficulties may be easily fixed. Visit a library or bookshop and select a book or two on sleeping disorders and solutions. ^ere are a number of simple practical measures you can take to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. If these measures do not help, there may be a medical problem, in which case you should consult your doctor or a sleep clinic.

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