Slacking thirst

16.52 Regularly hydrate yourself. Sip water between sets, aiming to drink at least one glass every fifteen minutes you are training. Use a quantity and temperature that is comfortable for your stomach. Drink between sets, but keep your mind fixed on your training, and get straight back into your workout. Avoid turning the visit to the water fountain into a social event. Immediately after training, have a big drink of water. Aim to drink enough water to produce at least one clear (color-free) urination after training.

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fit exercise into your busy schedule? Thats as absurd as saying that there are eight days in a week! First, youve never exercised before or engaged regularly in a sport second, youve never been into the fitness crowd and have had meager time for such pursuits, and third, youre far too busy to even think of exercise.

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