How to train

7. How to set up your training cycles for big returns ♦ 139

8. How to achieve your fastest gains ♦ 167

9. Hard work—the biggest test of training character ♦ 171

10. Exercise selection and technique ♦ 189

12. How to design your own training programs ♦ 233

13. How to personalize your training programs ♦ 255

14. How to avoid the plague of overtraining ♦ 283

15. How to milk your training cycles dry of gains ♦ 297

16. Twenty-three extras for maximizing your training productivity ♦ 305 Summary of how to ensure a successful training cycle ♦ 332

What if you are an extreme hard gainer? ♦ 333

o matter what your individuality, there is so much to learn from this book on how to make the most of your training.

Uis book can save you years if not decades of wasted training toil. It will propel you into the practical know-how needed to turn even a novice into a tremendously informed bodybuilder or strength trainee. ^en apply it and you will develop a degree of muscle and might that will make a mockery of what you would have realized had you stayed with conventional training methods.

Put what this book teaches into disciplined, diligent and persistent practice. Please do not just study this book, grasp why conventional training is useless for most people, learn how to train properly, but then not apply what you have discovered. Time is pressing!

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

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