Rule 7 Boost your diet

15.12 It is at the end of a cycle—when you are pushing yourself to the hilt, and wanting to do it again and again—that you must be absolutely certain you are not compromising on your diet. Boost your diet. Hike up your intake of animal protein—make it specific, like the addition of two cans of water-packed tuna a day, or two protein shakes you can easily digest. Such a protein boost will also give you a calorie boost. But all trainees do not need a boost in their caloric intake in order to keep gains coming.

15.13 If you cannot afford to gain any bodyfat, then compensate for the protein boost by clipping calories from your fat and carbohydrate intake so that you end up with a diet having the same calories as before but with about 100 grams of additional protein. And make sure every scrap of food you eat is high quality.

15.14 If you are not already doing so, take a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement. Your micronutrient needs may increase at the end of a training cycle. But taking a multi vitamin-mineral supplement may not be enough.

^ere are micronutrients that are not available in supplement form. Be sure, in particular, that you consume more green leafy vegetables, yellow/orange vegetables, and seeds (e.g., pumpkin and sunflower).

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