1.78 ^e basic unit of weight training is the rep, or repetition. If you hang from an overhead bar and pull yourself up, and then lower yourself to the starting position, you would have done a single rep of the pullup or chin. A series of reps comprises a set. A set can consist of one rep (a single), very low reps (2-4), medium reps (5-12), high reps (13-25), or very high reps (25+). ^ese divisions are subjective. Different people may have different definitions of low, medium, high or very high reps.

1.79 Reps can be done slowly, quickly or somewhere in between. But one person's "slow" can be another's "fast." More than one rep cadence works, at least for some people, but fast and explosive training carries a very high risk of injury. ^is book focuses on a controlled cadence and exercises where speed is not a necessity. ^is means lowering the weight under control and then pushing or pulling the bar smoothly and with good biomechanics. ^ere should be no throwing, bouncing, yanking or jerking.

1.80 Reps can be done with a pause of a second or a few seconds before each, or they can be done continuously, or they can be done with exaggerated pauses of as much as 30-60 seconds between reps, i.e., rest-pause work. ^e exaggerated pauses permit heavier weights to be used.

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