Realworld targets

4.3 Gauge your long-term goals on the basis of what is realistic for most typical people who train with weights, provided they give their pound of flesh and deliver the dedication, determination, effort and persistence that are needed.

4.4 Long-term goals, however realistic they may be, can seem so impossibly far off that they lead to discouragement. Keep your medium-term and short-term goals foremost in your mind. But project into a long-term perspective the successful achievement of a run of medium-term goals, and then you will see the terrific progress you can make after a few years.

4.5 Focus on achieving the next 5-10% gain in all your exercises. If you apply yourself to this, and keep doing it repeatedly for a number of years, you will eventually get as big and strong as it is possible for you to become. Your short-term goal should be to take the next small step to getting to your next set of 5%- or io%-poundage-gain medium-term goals.

4.6 Suppose you can bench press 180 pounds for eight good-form reps. Ten percent of 180 is 18 pounds; so, in the bench press, live to add 18 pounds to it. Building the strength to get the additional 18 pounds for eight good-form reps will take one or two training cycles. ^is is not so far in the future as to seem out of reach. But it will still be challenging.

4.7 A 10% poundage gain for beginners and intermediates is no big deal, but for an advanced man it is too lofty a goal for the medium term. Adding 10% when you can already bench press 300 pounds is usually a darn sight harder than adding 10% to a current bench press of only 150 pounds. When 10% goals become beyond what you can gain over the short-to-medium term, switch to 5%-poundage-gain targets.

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