Rate of progress

4.78 What sort of time frame is needed for going from ground zero to the "terrific" marks? ^ere are many factors involved, but if pressed here is what I would estimate. For the average, healthy, drug-free and injury-free hard gainer who sticks religiously to abbreviated and basics-first training, trains consistently, and conscientiously attends to fully satisfying recovery needs, I would say he or she can get to the "terrific" level (relative to age, gender and bodyweight) in 3-5 years.

4.79 While one very responsive person may go from ground zero to the "terrific" level in under three years, someone else may need three years to go from a nearly "very good" level to the "terrific" mark. Some of you, due to age, physical limitations or other reasons will never get to the "terrific" mark.

4.80 What matters the most to you is your progress, and comparing yourself with yourself. Everything you study and apply related to training should be geared to this.

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