Rate of gain

8.4 While packing on 20-40 pounds of muscle drug-free in 6-8 weeks is just promotional hype, i0-20 pounds of muscle in three months or so is possible if you satisfy all the requirements just listed. ^is rate of gain cannot be sustained, though, and is only for short-term occasional application. But few people can realistically implement the full package. Most people are far better off sticking with the slow and steady method of gaining because it is much more practical and realistic. If, however, you can satisfy the full package for speedy gains, do it for 2-3 months on an occasional basis and you will accelerate your progress to realizing your potential.^

iA illions of gym members have got buried under JlX. relatively marginal details of workout and meal planning, while neglecting the omnipotent combination—hard work and progressive poundages.

So long as you increase your exercise poundages slowly and steadily, using consistently good form, then whatever training intensity and volume you are delivering, is working (at least for strength training, and probably but not necessarily for muscle building too). Do not feel that you have to train to the point of exhaustion to realize poundage progession.

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

How to properly fuel your body before and after your workouts, with the right nutrients and in the right way, for maximum results week after week! Find out why protein and hardwork is not enough...and why your results will suffer unless you add these other 5 foods to your muscle-building plan.

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