Range of motion

1.85 Reps can be done with a full or partial range of motion. Usually the full range is performed—all the way up, and all the way down. But a few exercises are usually done with a partial range of motion. For example, very few people squat to where their thighs fold over their calves. So most squatters only do a partial movement. To squat to a position of full knee flexion, with a weight that is heavy for the lifter concerned, can be injurious, especially to the lower back.

1.86 Short-range movements of just a few inches are intentionally used in some programs. ^ese are called partial reps, or partials. A partial rep could start at the beginning, middle or end point of an exercise, or specifically from or to the sticking point. If the partial is over just the final few inches of a rep, it is often called a "lockout."

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