Poundage increments and progression slavery

7.48 While it is essential to add poundage to the bar as often as possible, it is imperative not to be enslaved by it. If you get so besotted with poundage progression, even when using tiny discs and making only very small weekly increments, you may find yourself getting lenient with your exercise form. You may find yourself ignoring aches and pains in order to be able to persist with increasing the load too often.

7.49 Make each increment as soon as you can, but only if you have made your full quota of target reps in good form, and thus have truly earned the increment.

7.50 If you are not feeling well enough to push yourself very hard, then do not push yourself so hard. With experience you will be able to distinguish between the times when you need a kick in the seat of your pants, and the times when you are just not up for training hard. Do not be foolhardy, or else you may regret it later. Back off and come back next week for a hard workout when you are ready. ^is aspect of conservatism especially applies once you are in your thirties, and older.

7.51 Remember, safety first, at all times. Patience, conservatism, and training longevity will serve you best over the long term. Haste and short cuts invariably backfire.

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