Physique imbalance

13.96 Many people have a natural body structure that is imbalanced, possibly exaggerated by a lifetime of activity. ^is needs to be considered when fine-tuning a program. A not uncommon imbalance is a lower-body structure and development that is considerably heavier than the upper-body. In such a case, if you give the same focus to the squat and deadlift as you do to your major upper-body exercises, you will make the situation even more pronounced. Instead, do some maintenance squats and perhaps make it challenging by performing very high reps once a week, adding a few pounds to the bar once you hit 100 reps, dropping the reps and building up again. Focus on your upper-body structure and substitute stiff-legged deadlifts for bent-legged ones. Give it time, as in a year or two, and you will even out the imbalances considerably, though your lower body will probably always easily get ahead.

13.97 Keep in mind that if you want to exploit a natural strength or bias, especially in a particular exercise, you need to live with imbalances, and even intentionally exaggerate them.

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