Opinion bias

13.98 If you align yourself rigidly with one strand of training opinion you can get so locked into it that you never apply yourself with zeal to any other line of opinion. ^erefore the other opinions are never going to work for you. On the other hand, you can argue that once you have found something that works very well for you, why try anything else?

13.99 Some people rave over how well they do on a 5 x 5 program—two or three progressive warmup sets followed by three or two work sets with a fixed poundage. Others do not get much out of a 5 x 5 program, but sets of 10-12 work well. Some people like the cumulative-fatigue approach, which involves holding back on the first few sets, but other people prefer to go full-bore on all their work sets, and thus do fewer sets. And many people prosper on advanced work in the power rack, whereas some advanced trainees do not.

13.100 Some people only like to squat for 20-rep sets. Others hate high-rep squats and never get into them hard enough and long enough to get much of them, though they can reap lots of benefit from performing sets of five reps.

13.101 Some people rave over very slow reps, whereas most trainees find them so boring that they cannot deliver consistent effort over long enough to make the very slow reps deliver growth.

13.102 Some people are terrific natural squatters; others have poor leverages for squatting, but can become terrific deadlifters.

13.103 Some people respond well on a "blood and guts" single-set-to-failure-per-exercise type of routine—if it is well cycled, with plenty of rest between sessions, and if supervised by a like-minded training partner or trainer. But left to their own devices there is no way they can deliver the intensity needed, though they can do very well on a 5-x-whatever format.

13.104 You have to be very keen on a program to commit yourself 100% to it. If you apply anything less than 100% commitment, the results will be way under what you could get on the program if you really applied yourself to it.

13.105 You must not only find something that is practical for you, but something you like doing, and can do well for long enough to earn good results.

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