Oneminute rest periods

13.110 Taking one-minute rests between sets is a quite fast pace of training, but not a back-to-back pace. When taking only a minute of rest between sets you cannot maintain the same poundage for all your work sets in a given exercise unless you let your reps drop with each set, or unless you hold back on the first set(s).

13.111 Take an example of being able to do three sets of six reps with 300 pounds in the squat if you rest five minutes between sets. But if you take only one minute between sets, your three sets will be something like 300 x 6, 300 x 3 and 300 x 1. To keep the reps up, reduce the poundage each set and be rigorous about only taking one minute between sets—use a clock.

13.112 Experiment to see what reduction you need in order to keep the reps up. Using the same squat example, to keep the reps up to six in each set, you may need to use weights of 300, 260 and 235. You may prefer to use a percentage method, or a fixed poundage drop per set for a given exercise. ^e percentages or fixed poundage drops will not be the same for all exercises because the big movements suffer more from short rests between sets than do smaller exercises. Once you have found what suits you for a given exercise, be consistent. Keep records of your poundages, and concentrate on progressive poundages across all the sets.

13.113 Intensity of effort in each individual set is more important than rushing between exercises. Do not compromise on the quality of a set by rushing from one to another quicker than you can manage. Getting each set right is much more important than getting all the sets over as quickly as possible. If you need several minutes between sets to get each one done well, fine.

13.114 You have to enjoy the challenge of training. If you step it up so much, including rushing between sets, that you make training something you no longer enjoy, then that is no good for you. ^e individual set and your training performance are most important, so never let anything mar them for you.

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