Oneandahalf reps

n.38 Full reps and partial reps can be blended in the same set. ^is is a very demanding way to train, and a potentially productive addition to your arsenal of training tools. But do not apply it to too many exercises at any one time, or else you will risk overtraining. Be conservative and use it on no more than two exercises in any given routine. Over time, vary the exercises to which you apply one-and-a-half reps training.

n.39 ^ere are two ways to perform one-and-a-half reps:

a. Using the bench press as the example, imagine the bar at arm's length. Lower the bar under control, gently touch your chest a little below your lower pec line, and press the bar back to arm's length. Pause for a second or two and then lower the bar approximately half way down, stop, and then press the bar back to arm's length. Alternatively the half rep could be done before the full rep. In both cases this is one-and-a-half-rep work going down.

b. Again imagine the bar at arm's length. Following a short pause, lower the bar all the way to your chest. ^en press the bar only half way up, and return the bar to your chest. ^en press the bar all the way up. ^is ii.35



is one-and-a-half-rep work going up. ^e half rep is done before the full rep.

11.40 Both ways can be productive. You may find one is better suited to some exercises than the other—experiment to find out. You may, however, prefer to use both ways in a systematic way for the same exercise—for example, alternate the two approaches from set to set, or workout to workout.

11.41 A full rep and a half rep counts as a single one-and-a-half rep. Naturally you will have to reduce your poundages relative to what you would use for sets of the same rep count but of exclusively full reps. And, of course, you would focus on progressive poundages in good form for this training approach, just as you should for any format. When you return to sets of full reps after a period of using one-and-a-half reps for that exercise, you should be able to work into new personal best poundages—perhaps, though, only after a short period of readaptation to using purely full reps.

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