Note on the Trap Bar and shrug bar

Where the Trap Bar® is referred to in this book, you may also read "shrug bar." ^e shrug bar came on the market after beyond brawn was first published. ^e two bars are produced by different manufacturers. Both are excellent tools. ^e shrug bar provides more knee room because it has a hexagonal shape as against the rhombus shape of the Trap Bar. Please see page 481 for how to find more information on the shrug bar. You may, however, find the standard shrug (or Trap) bar too restricting for safe bent-legged deadlifting, and require a custom-made bar with gripping sites placed wider apart.

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You will benefit from beyond brawn in direct proportion to how seriously you study the book, how thoroughly you grasp the contents, how well you make the understanding one with you, and how resolutely you apply what you learn.

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The harder you train, the less of it you can do, and the less of it you can stand. If you have not cut back your sets and/or training frequency, and have not boosted your diet, rest and sleep, a hike in intensity will wipe you out, overtrain you, and cause you to lose strength.

While most trainees are guilty of not training hard enough, some are training too hard. ley train at an intensity beyond what they can respond to.

To make the most of the final leg of each cycle you have to be dedicated to your training and training-related matters to the point of almost being obsessed. As soon as you start compromising on one thing or another, you will start compromising on your gains.

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