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4.76 Pairings of big plates have special interest. For example, bench pressing 225 pounds for the first time (two 45-pound plates on each end of an Olympic bar) is much more satisfying than 220 pounds, even though the difference is a mere 5 pounds. Pairing of 45-pound or 20-kilogram plates produce the poundages below, assuming the use of a 45-pound or 20-kilo Olympic bar. Use of an exercise bar (which weighs less than 45 pounds) would reduce each total.

One pair of 45-lb or 20-kg plates: 135 lbs or 60 kgs

Two pairs: 225 lbs or 100 kgs

^ree pairs: 315 lbs or 140 kgs

Four pairs: 405 lbs or 180 kgs

Five pairs: 495 lbs or 220 kgs

4.77 Spring-release collars would add about a pound or half a kilogram to each total. Using large traditional collars would add 10 pounds or 5 kilograms to the totals.

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