Long gaining cycles

3.28 I would have cycled my training intensity to some degree, but because of the slow but consistent poundage increment scheme I would have been using, I would not have burned out like most people do (even on cycled routines), and thus I would have worked at full-bore intensity nearly all the time. I would not have needed to have had much in the way of layoffs and "break-ing-in" periods because I would have been handling the progression scheme properly, and not changing my exercises around much. My dictatorial mentor would have kept me from getting greedy about adding too much poundage at a time.

3.29 I would have added poundage slowly and in line with the rate at which I could build strength. ^is would have made my gaining cycles long, and reduced the amount by which I would have needed to cut back to start a new cycle.

3.30 I would have been trained very hard, and at times extremely hard. But I would never have been pushed so far that I would have become fearful of training; and I would never have been driven to vomiting during a workout. Poundage progression in good form would have been the criterion for training success, not intensity per se. My mentor would have repeatedly stressed that effort is merely the tool to stimulate strength gain and muscular growth, and not the end in itself. So long as my strength was increasing, then I was training hard enough.

3.31 My mottos would have been "less is more" and "less is best." Whenever in doubt I would have chosen less rather than more—fewer sets, exercises and workouts, but lots of effort.

3.32 I would have trained only twice a week. ^e deadlift and squat would have been trained just once per week each. ^e three other major exercises would usually have been trained twice a week or three times every two weeks. But I would not have hesitated to train each exercise only once a week in order to provide increased recovery time when needed. At such a time I would have done two of the mighty fivesome at one workout, and the other three on the second workout each week.

3.33 Everything would have been geared for making my body able to withstand another small dose of iron on the bar for each exercise every week or two, even if it was just a few ounces.

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