Limited backtoback training

13.118 Back-to-back training does not have to be for all exercises in a routine, or none of them. It can be for specific pairings of exercises. ^ree particular pairings come to mind for those who want to test their mettle and boost their training intensity. ^ese pairings are the squat and stiff-legged deadlift, the leg press and stiff-legged deadlift, and the bent-legged deadlift and leg press, but, for safety, not the leg press followed by the bent-legged deadlift, or any type of deadlift followed by the squat.

13.119 In order for the two exercises of each pairing to be done back to back, the equipment and weights for both movements must be set up in advance.

13.120 ^e second exercise in each pairing will suffer as a result of the effects of the first exercise. You must reduce the poundage of the second movement accordingly.

13.121 Done intensively, especially for high reps, each of these pairings will crush you, but the growth stimulation can be huge. But do not drop into it without a progressive preparatory period. Stick with it, rest adequately between sessions, build up the weights in both exercises of each pairing, and you will get bigger and stronger as a result.

13.122 Safety must be uppermost in your mind if you use any of these pairings. Because you will be crushed after the first exercise, you need 100% attention to using perfect form on the second exercise. Consider the leg press and stiff-legged deadlift combination. As you do the stiff-legged deadlift your legs will tremble and you could lose control over them. ^is could be very dangerous. If you cannot exercise perfect control in the second exercise, then do not do the exercises back to back.

13.123 Even following waiting several minutes after performing the leg press, your legs may still shake when you stiff-legged deadlift. If this happens to a degree that your form is compromised, then reorganize your program. Arrange it so you have sufficient rest between the two exercises that the second of them can be done in perfect form.

^ough not popular today, in the pre-steroids era the 20-rep squat was very influential. It was hugely productive back then, when used as the cornerstone of an abbreviated training program, and it can be hugely productive today. Anyone who thinks that high reps do not build muscle and strength is totally out of touch with Iron Game history.

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