Knowledge is power

10.14 In some circles, "injuries" and the term "safe exercise form" appear to be dirty words. Some people think that mentioning injuries produces fear and negativity. But you should be fearful of some lifting techniques, just like you should fear the effects of smoking or throwing yourself out of an airplane without a parachute. But a thorough understanding of training safety gives a positive feeling that you are not going to get hurt.

10.15 Here is what really produces negativity—getting hurt and frustrated by training. How is not alerting people of potential dangers in their best interest? And how is not letting them know of detailed technique instruction going to help?

10.16 Some people seem to think that little needs to be said about exercise technique. All they seem to think really matters is more and more on training intensity, program design, and the accomplishments of the big achievers. It is as if they think form is a simple thing that everyone can work out for themselves. But good technique is no simple matter! How are people going to find out about technique if they do not have it spelled out?

10.17 Few people have hands-on well-qualified coaching. Nearly everyone who lifts weights is at the mercy of the atrocious instruction most gyms offer, or the inadequate technique instruction that most publications offer.

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