John McCallums formula

4.21 In brawn I reported John McCallum's formula, based on wrist measurement. ^is provides a challenging yet realistic guide for indicating full-size potential of male hard gainers. Here it is again:

chest: 6.5 x wrist hips: 85% x chest waist: 70% x chest thigh: 53% x chest neck: 37% x chest upper arm: 36% x chest calf: 34% x chest forearm: 29% x chest

4.22 You can measure your wrist just above the bone that protrudes on the little finger side of your wrist (the styloid process of the ulna), i.e., on the elbow side, as McCallum advised, or just below (on the hand side). If taken below that styloid process, your wrist girth will likely be a little less than what it is when measured above the bone, and so produce a slightly reduced set of muscular girths. Be consistent with how you measure your wrist, and all your other girths.

4.23 Not everyone will neatly fall into the set of measurements produced by this formula because it assumes that wrist size directly correlates with bone size throughout the body. With many people this is not so. Also, many people have at least one body part that responds better than does the rest of the body, producing at least one measurement an inch or so bigger than the projected one(s) or, conversely, a measurement or a few that fall behind the projected girths.

4.24 Some people have a lower-body that has a bone structure bigger than their upper-body—ankle and knee measurements that are significantly bigger than their wrist girths, proportionately speaking. Some people are the other way around. If the difference between upper- and lower-body structure is striking, at least for an appearance-first bodybuilder, care has to be given to prevent the musculature differences from becoming exaggerated and putting the physique way out of proportion.

4.25 Using the McCallum formula, a 7-inch wrist will produce a chest of 45.5 inches, hips of 38.7, waist of 32.9, thigh of 24.1, neck of 16.8, flexed upper arm of 16.4, calf of 15.5 and a flexed forearm of 13.2. At a height of 59" this development will come out at around i90 pounds (solid but not ripped). Such a development, for a typical man, is terrific going.

4.26 ^ese wrist-related targets are not presented as limits or ceilings, but as guidelines. Many of you will be able to exceed these targets, but before you can even think of exceeding them you have to get to them in the first place.

4.27 Compute your own set of girths using the McCallum formula. Focus on achieving only those girths until you have actually got them. Only then, assuming you still want to get bigger, should you look to develop the next 5% of each measurement; get that next 5%, and then target a further 5%, and so on. ^ese numbers will get you in the real world of natural bodybuilding right from the start.

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