Io Exercise Selection and Technique

10.1 Achieving your physique, strength or fitness goals hinges on the bedrock of correct exercise selection and technique. In order of priority, exercise technique comes before program design. Unless you truly know how to train with excellent exercise technique, and actually practice it, then no amount of advice on program design, training gear, diet, supplements, psychology or anything else really matters. Technique comes first! In fact, you can have a great training program, the best equipment, a perfect nutritional plan, an ideal rest and sleep schedule, and the most positive attitude in the world, but it will all be largely if not totally wasted if you do not use excellent exercise technique.

10.2 Exercise selection alone can make the difference between training success and failure. And even if you are using the best exercises, if you do not use perfect exercise technique you will get nowhere in your training but into the quagmire of injuries, frustration and failure.

10.3 Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, have been forced to give up weight training because of pain and injuries caused by using faulty exercise technique. ^e fact is, improperly done, weight training is one of the most dangerous activities around.

10.4 Excellent exercise technique is needed not just to avoid training injuries. ^e use of first-class exercise form is one of the essential requirements for stimulating the fastest rate of strength increase and muscular development.

10.5 ^e use of excellent exercise form is the exception in nearly all gyms, not the rule. ^ough it may seem unbelievable, gyms are usually terrible places for learning about good exercise form. You need to be knowledgeable enough so that you can take full responsibility for your own training.

10.6 Very few people practice truly good form because hardly anyone really knows what good form is, and this includes most gym instructors and personal trainers. In fact, much of the technique instruction given by gym instructors and personal trainers is so appalling that it is downright criminal.

10.7 Do not assume that anyone who claims to be a qualified personal trainer really knows what he is doing. Strings of letters that indicate certifications of various organizations, or degrees obtained, do not necessarily signify competence as a coach. Outrages are committed and stupidities are often babbled by holders of Ph.D. degrees, and by trainers who are "approved" by organizations. Be on your guard!

10.8 Exercise technique is taken too lightly by most people who lift weights. Form is wrongly thought to be simple, quickly learned, and a minor factor relative to program design and exercise intensity. With so much rampant ignorance it is no wonder that conventional weight-training instruction does so much harm.

10.9 Such is the paramount importance of exercise selection and technique that I devoted a whole book to it. ^ere is not enough space in this book to incorporate the 214 pages and 244 photos of that other book. Please see the insider's tell-all handbook on weight-training technique for the full step-by-step details on how to perfect your technique in the most productive and practical exercises, for injury-free maximum gains. Exercise technique needs to be covered in great detail if you are to grasp what good form is. A few bullet-headed points per exercise will not do. Exercise technique is too serious a matter to be treated skimpily.

Health and Fitness 101

Health and Fitness 101

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