^ank you for buying beyond brawn. ^is book was written with one objective in mind—to teach you how to build a superbly muscled, strong, lean and healthy physique. beyond brawn can change your life!

If you are a genetically typical bodybuilder or strength trainee you will have gotten little or no satisfaction from your training. Despite having faithfully followed conventional training instruction you will have become frustrated and disillusioned. Conventional training methods—those which are vigorously promoted in almost all gyms today—only work very well if you are one of the very few who are naturally highly gifted for muscle building, or if you are propped up with dangerous bodybuilding drugs. But if you train as this book advocates, you can make drug-free gains that may astound you, regardless of how average or otherwise your genetic inheritance is.

^is is a very serious book dedicated to people who are impassioned with their training. In the best interests of your education this book presents information in a very detailed and direct manner, and it confronts many traditional opinions.

^e education needed to write this book came from many sources. My own training experiences and a life that has been consumed by weight training make up only part of the education. As an obsessed youngster I digested much of the nonsense and confusion that abounds in the bodybuilding world. But because I did not have an excellent genetic inheritance, and would not use drugs, this led to years of unrelenting frustration. Finally I came across training methods that do work for most people. ^is book details those methods.

^e publishing of hardgainer since its inception in 1989 has given me a unique insight into training for genetically typical people. ^e education was bolstered by a great deal of writing for newsstand bodybuilding magazines, and extensive research. With practical training for drug-free people being my full-time employment, it has focused my mind on bodybuilding and strength training like nothing else ever could. Much of the acquired knowledge has been distilled for inclusion in this book. In it you are getting a wealth of information you can really use.

^is book builds on the foundation constructed by brawn. ^e latter focused on appropriate role models, the inadequacies of conventional train ing, genetic realities, and the rationale behind drug-free training for typical people. beyond brawn goes into far greater depth on exercise program design, and covers much that was never even mentioned in brawn. While brawn and beyond brawn are ideal companions, along with the insider's tell-all handbook on weight-training technique, each can stand alone.

beyond brawn is an encyclopedia on how to build muscle and might, for adults of both genders and all ages, and trainees of all levels of experience other than the competitive elite. It is not an encyclopedia on the whole of weight training. ^e omitted aspects are readily available elsewhere and include physiology, pondering on the mechanism of muscle growth, detailed descriptions of macronutrients, nutritional breakdown of food, updates on the ever-changing food supplement scene, and history of the Iron Game. As interesting as these concerns are, they are either irrelevant as far as your individual pursuit of muscle and might is concerned, or only marginally relevant.

beyond brawn focuses on information that is not easily found elsewhere. It is devoted purely to that which will help you to further your progress to the realization of your potential.

A thorough student of both brawn and beyond brawn will find differences of opinion or emphasis between the two works. beyond brawn was completed nearly seven years after brawn was first published, and during those years I added a great deal to my understanding of training. And I am still learning.

To your training success,

Stuart McRobert

Stuart McRobert

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