17.32 I was ill during the first week of February, and could not train. I returned to deadlifting on February 13, with 286 pounds (130 kilos) for the usual 15 reps. On February 21 I used 308 pounds (140 kilos) and on February 27 I was back on schedule with the 150 kilos I used before getting sick. ^at 150 kilos felt heavier than the pre-sickness 150 did. On hindsight I should have worked back into it over an extra couple of weeks. I got away with it only because I was not maxed out at the time.

17.33 I moved to 160 kilos (352 pounds) over two weeks, using the pre-sickness 5-kilos-per-week increment schedule. I was now down to 8 continuous reps and 7 rest-pause reps per 15-rep set. At 352 pounds I reduced the weekly increment to 2.5 kilos (5.6 pounds) to help ensure that my form stayed tight and the gaining momentum was not killed by excessive weekly increments. On hindsight, the 2.5 kilos per week increments should have started earlier than they did, and the cycle lengthened accordingly.

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