How to Perform Your Reps

11.1 Most bodybuilders and strength trainees perform their reps too quickly. Many take only about one second to raise the weight, and another one second to return the resistance to its starting position. A i/i cadence is not controlled lifting and lowering, but throwing and dropping. Changing to a slower rep cadence is, for those trainees, probably the single most dramatic improvement in training safety that can be made.

11.2 I am talking exclusively about traditional bodybuilding exercises, i.e., bench press, squat, deadlift, pulldown, chin, row, curl, etc., not skill-first, highly-technical and explosive Olympic-style weightlifting exercises such as power cleans, cleans, snatches, and jerks. ^e latter are not necessary for bodybuilding and strength training because there are plenty of alternative exercises that are super productive but technically much simpler. Mastering the Olympic-style lifts is far more difficult than mastering the traditional bodybuilding exercises.

11.3 Olympic lifting can be a fine way to train if the coaching is hands-on and expert, and the subject is injury-free and physically well-suited to this type of training. But unless you have access to expert hands-on Olympic lifting coaching, and are physically well-suited to this type of lifting, leave it alone. ^ere are safer ways to train which are technically much less demanding— i.e., those which are promoted in this book.

11.4 Very importantly, even a well-controlled rep cadence will injure you if your biomechanics are all wrong. Good form is not merely about rep cadence.

11.5 Focus on getting each rep right, one at a time. Do not concern yourself with the whole set, but with each individual rep. Getting each rep right involves a number of factors: form, rep cadence, and between-rep pauses.

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