Setting the Scene for Building Muscle Might

1.1 Unless you have a terrific genetic inheritance for muscle building, the conventional approach that prescribes a traditional split routine, more weight-training days than non-weight-training days, lots of isolation exercises, multiple exercises per body part, and a great many sets per workout, delivers little or no gains. Full-body routines of too many exercises performed too frequently are also unproductive for most trainees. Hundreds of thousands of people are living testimony to this stark reality.

1.2 Bodybuilding, and strength training in general, are wonderfully rewarding activities so long as you get satisfactory results. Regardless of genetics, gender or age, each of us has tremendous power to improve physique, fitness and health; but very few people fully exploit this power because so few people train in a way that is truly appropriate to them.

1.3 ^e way most people train it is no wonder there is such a huge failure rate and rapid turnover of members in most gyms. If only people would adopt the radical and abbreviated format right from the start, rather than first having to waste perhaps many years of their lives on conventional and inappropriate training instruction. ^en the success rate for weight training would spiral hugely, and the turnover rate in gyms would plummet.

1.4 Stop following instruction that you know is not working. You do not need to be an expert to know if something is not helping you. More of what did not help you over the last few months is not going to help you over the next few months. Stop imitating the training of people who have genetic talent you do not. And stop thinking that anything other than the basic combination of training, food and adequate rest is going to make much if any difference to the results you get from your efforts in the gym.

1.5 Get in charge of your training! If you do not start now to do something that works, when are you going to start building the physique you want? Bodybuilding and strength training are not hit or miss activities. You have tremendous control over your physique development, if only you would start to employ it.

1.6 ^ere are no quick fixes in drug-free training. It is a long and demanding journey to achieve your genetic potential, unless you are one of the very few who are genetically gifted and have little trouble getting big and strong. You will never be able to compete with the awesome elite physiques, but you can build a physique that will be stunning to untrained people. To do this you need to start training productively, and you have got to start now. Put the instruction of this book into action!

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