How to react to signs of overtraining

14.26 If you are alert to the symptoms of overtraining, and become aware as soon as you are starting to overdo your training, you have the opportunity to nip overtraining in the bud. Stay out of the gym an extra couple of days before your next workout, rest and sleep a bit more, pay more attention to nutrition, and then reduce your work sets when back in the gym.

14.27 If you need to plug in an extra day or two of rest between workouts on a regular basis, revise your whole training program so that the required rest days are actually scheduled. Or maybe the training frequency that you are currently overtraining on will be fine if you do fewer sets and /or exercises at each workout.

14.28 If you still feel stagnated in the gym after taking an extra day or two of rest, take another extra few days of rest and good nutrition before your next workout, to total at least a full week off. ^en when back in the gym, back pedal a little. Cut back all your poundages by 10% and take a month to build back to your best of four weeks earlier. ^is one-month down period can restore you, avoid full-blown overtraining, and set you up for a period of gains.

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