How a Training Nightmare Was Silenced

18.1 If someone else had written this chapter I would probably be shaking my head after having read through just some of it, cynically muttering, "You expect me to believe this? What's in it for you?" But because I am the one who experienced the "miracle" I know the truth of what is written here.

18.2 Here is my effort to share a wonderful rehabilitation therapy. If what I came across only worked for me, I would be wasting time and space reporting it to you. But it has proven its miraculous-at-times worth for many people. And some people have benefitted from it in ways that make my gain look very modest.

18.3 ^is is a personal account, but how many detailed personal accounts of recovery from injury have you read? ^ere are hardly any published. All people who exercise seriously and for long enough will experience injuries, and even people who do not exercise have lots of aches and pains. You can learn much from my account that will spare you from having to learn the hard way like I did. It was not until 1996 that I returned to my summer 1992 level of strength and development. Had I known in 1992 what I had learned by 1994, I would have avoided perhaps the most frustrating period of my life. Not only that, but I would have been able to continue building strength in 1992 despite getting injured. Injuries themselves are one thing, but how you deal with them is another. Deal with them in the wrong way and they can become much more serious than they really are.

18.4 I had better start by dealing with my own cynicism imagined in the first paragraph. I hope you will believe me because I am telling you the truth. But you cannot learn what I am about to reveal the results of without doing some studying of your own. For a one-time payment of $75.00 I got the three items—a book and two therapy tools—I needed to get the near-miraculous job done. You will need the same items, or similar ones, to give yourself the possibility of performing your own "miracle." ^is $75.00 was a pittance for the fantastic skill it gave me—information and a means of therapy I effectively administered myself independently of any professional therapist.

18.5 As a writer, author and publisher I am able to provide information to many people. I am taking advantage of this to help spread the word about what I have discovered. ^is can help make many people's training lives far less troubled by injuries, immediately increase short-term training productivity and, with time, greatly extend training longevity.

18.6 In answer to the question of what is in it for me, I have no financial or other type of vested interest in what I am going to reveal. I am totally independent.

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