Go overboard with rest and sleep

15.15 ^e harder you train, and the deeper you go into new poundage territory, the more you demand from your powers of recovery. ^erefore you need to deliver more rest and sleep than usual. Not only do you have to provide the rest and sleep needed to recover from the immediate effects of training, but you have to provide additional rest and sleep so your body can grow.

15.16 Getting adequate sleep is pivotal for enabling your body to recover optimally from training. Most trainees shortchange themselves in the sleep department, and as a result restrict their rate of progress in the gym.

15.17 As noted in Chapter 14, if you are a hard gainer in intensive training, eight hours of sleep each night should be your rock-bottom minimum if you are serious about making good progress.

15.18 A full quota of sleep means getting to sleep as soon as you feel drowsy in the evening, and sleeping until you wake naturally. If you are awoken by some other means, then you cannot have had your full quota of sleep.

15.19 To milk a cycle dry, cut back aerobic work to the minimum intensity and duration, or temporarily eliminate it.

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