Further increase training intensity

15.20 Once you are consistently applying rules 1-8, you could try to increase growth stimulation by raising training intensity a notch. ^is option, however, is not for everyone. Many of you may be better off moving to rule #10 and skipping #9.

15.21 If you are up to it, and want to see if it helps you to keep adding a little poundage every week or two, do not end a set after the very final rep you can squeeze out. Go to the next rep and do as much of it as you can. Do not cheat it up. Keep your form tight and do as much of the rep as you can. Put your heart into it. Do not relax the effort once you have got the bar as high as you can. Now you have reached concentric failure. Give your all to holding the resistance at the highest point you can get to, which will not be far into the rep if you have gone to the limit in the complete reps. Maintain the static hold for as long as you can, and then fight like hell to stop gravity pulling the bar down. You will then have reached isometric failure. ^en resist the eccentric as if your life depended on it.

15.22 If you have strong and competent spotters, and are really up to the absolute limit of intensity, then have your spotters lift the resistance for you so that you can resist another eccentric. Continue this procedure for another eccentric or two or three, until you cannot control the descent. (Control means that you can take at least four seconds to lower the resistance.) Your spotters must be super vigilant and ready to take the resistance from you as soon as you can no longer control its descent. ^is final stint of "paralytic" training will take you to eccentric failure.

15.23 Do this properly and you will have trained to utter failure. Supply the necessary factors for recuperation, and this to-utter-failure training of just one set for an exercise at the end of a cycle may help you to get more growth mileage out of the cycle. But if you have not cut back your sets and/or training frequency, and have not boosted your diet, rest and sleep, the intensity hike will wipe you out, overtrain you, and cause you to lose strength.

15.24 For this intensity hike do not go to eccentric failure on all the exercises in a given workout. Isometric failure is enough for most exercises, and perhaps more than enough. Only go to eccentric failure for one or at most two exercises per workout, varying which exercises you select from week to week. Do not go to eccentric failure for any given exercise more than once every four weeks. Use a less severe training intensity the other times you train the exercise.

rule #10

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